• KLD fleet - MV ChalaamWaan Lipe
    26m long

KLD Fleet

Our fleet is composed of three dive boats built for diving / snorkeling activities!
Their names "ChalaamWaan" means "Whale Shark" in thai language.

MV ChalaamWaan Lipe

The one of the biggest dive boat in Koh Lipe. Large and spacious, this vessel has been designed for your comfort and your safety during your trip with KLD School!

First deck is dedicated for diving and snorkeling purposes.
You will find a big and comfy lounge area in the second deck.
Finally, the sun bath deck will be on top!

Length (in meters) Capacity (in persons) Toilet Build
26m 60 2 2012


MV ChalaamWaan 2

This vessel has been designed to go under any wind any waves... almost nothing can stop her to bring you diving ;-)

Fast, comfortable and reliable! It has been made for fun divers and students learning how to dive!

Length (in meters) Capacity (in persons) Toilet Build
18m 20 1 2015


Longtail ChalaamWaan Lake

Our longtail has been designed for diving: tall and wide!
SHe will bring you anywhere in the park without any worries!

Length (in meters) Capacity (in persons) Toilet Build
12m 10 N/A 2016


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